A downloadable Meronikto for Windows

Elemental spirits of Light and Dark fight for the soul of a sleepy mediterranean village.

Illuminate the shrines and light the central bonfire in a fast-paced, 1v1 king of the hill battle!

Meronikto Epic Jam from Sander Vander Meiren on Vimeo.

Created in a week for Epic's MegaJam 2017 by James Hodgson, Ben Meredith, Jonathan Steyfkens & Sander Vander Meiren.

Sound effects and music provided by xserra, Roger, cottager, Maemi_no_yume and Mountain852 via freesound.org

Gameplay Instructions

2players (controllers) required!

The game is a capture point style based game. The goal for each player is to capture the middle point. To capture the middle point you must first capture the 3 other points which then will enable the mid point for you to capture.

Beware! The other player will do anything to stop you from winning. A point can only be captured when there is only 1 player on it.


  • A button: Dash/ Menu click
  • Left Thumbstick: Movement
  • RB/LB: select number options

Sourced Assets:

All sounds are slightly modified versions of sounds from freesound.org:

  • "turkish-baglama" by xserra
  • "lier" by Roger
  • "Sad Mandolin" by cottager
  • "Brick Falling on Brick" by Mountain852
  • "Slash.wav" by Maemi_no_yume

Install instructions

Unzip and launch Meronikto.exe


Meronikto.zip 144 MB


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I love the music! Was it made during the jam? What Instrument? :D

Sadly we weren't experienced enough in that area to create our own music from scratch. We've used sound samples and stitched and tweaked those together. I've updated the page to mention these. The instrument is a Lyre , I think.